Our Partners Make Our Solution Whole

Datimbi focuses on making our platform the best there is for our clients’ mission critical applications.  While Datimbi offers turnkey project/study implementation services, sometimes there is a preference to use local resources or independent experts to supplement our platform services.  This is where the Datimbi Partner Network contributes to realizing your solutions.

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Partnership Opportunities

Datimbi seeks partners in the following areas to support our customers:
  • Project/Study project management, configuration and custom report development
  • Analysts and biostatisticians
  • Analytic/Control Model developers
  • Data providers
PASS Technologies AG

PASS Technologies AG

Website link: www.pass.ch

PASS Technologies AG founded in 1989, is the international headquarter of PASS Group, a leading provider of independent quality assurance, testing, verification & validation services. PASS Group holds offices in Switzerland, Germany, U.S., Eastern Europe and India, offering managed services in Software QA, System Testing and V&V for desktop, mobile, web and enterprise applications.

As part of their portfolio, PASS provides a standardized solution for Validation of Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), ePro and eCoa Applications, which can be applied to any off-the-shelf solution or custom developed software for capturing and managing clinical trial data. PASS’ validation solution covers all critical aspects of custom designable electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs), clinical data capture and clinical data management functions. Based on highly standardized processes and tools, PASS delivers high-class turnkey services including Requirements Analysis, Risk Assessment, Compliance Assessment, Validation Strategy, System Test Plan, System Test Cases, Test Execution and Reporting with full Traceability.