Datimbi Platform Key Features

  • Fully hosted platform – no technical knowledge or effort required.
  • Powerful configuration tools – no programming required.
  • Integrated solution, from data collection through analysis and automated actions.
  • Studies or business processes can be designed, tested and deployed within days.

The Datimbi Platform

The Datimbi Platform is ideally suited for applications where you need to collect large amounts of complex-structured data from many collaborators or data sources, have built-in quality assurance controls, be able to monitor and control quality and collection processes in real-time, and perform reporting and analysis.  And you need to set things up FAST.

Our platform is optimized for solutions such as eCRFs for Clinical Trial Management, Social Case Management, econometric event study analysis, or any other workflow-driven data collection and processing.  If your need falls into one of those categories, you can usually be fully deployed and operational on the platform within one week!


Graphical Configuration and Management Tools

Setting up roles, workflow transition statuses, complex data collection forms, processing rules, lists of values, change tracking rules, and custom email alerts is all performed through an easy-to-use web interface.  These tools can be managed by your trained staff or via a service from Datimbi.
  • Construction of a Case, eCRF, or business transaction, can contain unlimited data fields using 1:1 and 1:many forms.
  • Control over the visibility and editing of data can be specified using standard configuration by roles and status, as well as custom rules.
  • Statuses, roles and workflows are completely configurable.
  • Custom rules can be attached to any field or entity in the system.
  • Tools to manage collaborator organizations, users, projects, and resource/role assignments to projects.

Intuitive User Interface

The platform typically requires no user training, thanks to its easy-to-use interface.  If your users are comfortable using MS Office applications and modern web sites, they’ll have no problem using Datimbi.
  • Users only see system functions and case/transaction elements that are relevant to them.
  • Tool tips and data validation messages are available to guide users to providing correct information.
  • More advanced features, such as designing analytic outputs, are managed using drag-and-drop techniques.
  • The system supports study/transaction-specific online help guides.
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Extensive Security and Audit Features

For applications containing sensitive data or subject to regulatory control, the Datimbi platform has been constructed to be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  All interactions with the platform are done over SSL.
  • Accounts with encrypted passwords are used to control the scope of data and set of functionality a user can access.
  • A complete system log of all events and data changes at the field level is maintained permanently to support comprehensive system activity audits.
  • An integrated Query function is available to manage the QA process between data providers and reviewers.
  • Other features, such as a flexible Track Changes function, enables data QA staff to easily review data changes since the last system review was performed.

Integrated Reporting and Analysis

The Datimbi Platform provides comprehensive Business Intelligence capabilities within the platform.  Analytics are linked to the initial case/transaction design, so you can begin using analytic tools without any additional effort or setup.
  • An Analysis Workbench provides role-secured access to predefined Data Views, Charts, Maps and Reports.
  • A quick-view tool enables users to see histograms and data tables of any field in their projects/transactions.
  • A Data View designer lets you build detailed, aggregate or crosstab outputs with simple or complex filtering criteria.
  • Charts, maps, and custom reports (designed in Crystal Reports) are similarly designed and deployed in the system.

Extensible Models for Complex Analysis and Control

The Datimbi platform uses the concept of a “model” to generate additional outputs through a variety of standard or customized statistical techniques, and to execute event-driven actions in the system.  Through standard and custom models, almost anything is possible within the platform.
  • Models can be integrated with Data Views to produce additional analytic outputs.
  • Models can be parametrized, so the same model can be reused with different behaviors.
  • Control models, such as the Randomization model used in Clinical Trials or custom algorithmic trading models, can be integrated into workflow processes or driven by other events.

Delivered as a Fully-Managed Service

Because we completely manage the technical infrastructure and software that forms the Datimbi platform, our customers do not need to spend effort on managing anything other than their business operations.
  • Fully managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Multiple Subscription Packages from which to choose.
  • Additional Professional Services are available from Datimbi to help deliver a complete solution
  • Our network of expert partners can help you with specific areas such as e-CRF design, bio-statistics, and solution testing and validation.
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