The approach to analytics and reporting in the Datimbi Platform is to follow the 80/20 (or in many cases 90/10) rule – most of your monitoring, data analysis, charting, statistics and reporting can be performed directly in the platform.  For more sophisticated processing, we make it easy for you to extract data sets to import into Excel or your preferred statistics package.

  • Data Views: Enables analysts or other designated users to select columns, aggregate statistical operators, and filtering criteria using a simple drag-and-drop process to create data tables to view on screen, download, or use in charts or reports
  • Charts: A variety of bar, line, and pie charts can be created to display online or download
  • Reports: The platform enables custom reports to be defined using Crystal Reports and uploaded to the platform for web viewing by authorized roles
  • Maps: If your data capture design includes addresses or geocodes, your data sets can be integrated within the Datimbi Platform using Google Maps