The Datimbi Service Approach

  • Fully customizable Professional Services options.
  • Datimbi configuration and management tools are all designed to be used by our end customers, with no need for additional Datimbi Professional Services if not wanted.
  • Vertical application expertise is available via our partner network.

Comprehensive Professional Services, Tailored to Your Needs

Some of our customers want a full turnkey solution delivered to them, while others would prefer to own the management and operations processes themselves.  Datimbi Professional Services offers a range of support options depending on our customers’ needs and preferences.
For the professional services for which we are contracted, Datimbi follows Project Management Institute (PMI) standards for managing the planning and execution of our work.

Additionally, Datimbi Professional Services can be retained as the overall project manager for your efforts, similar to a general contractor building a house, coordinating the various contributors to a project.  With Datimbi performing overall project management, you can be assured that all of the tasks and resources required to deploy your solution within the Platform will be coordinated properly, with continuous status monitoring and reporting.

As a standard part of your subscription package, you will receive useful templates to document your requirements, create user manuals, and standard operating procedures.

At times, our customers do not have the resources to perform this initial first step towards realizing a solution in the Platform.  Datimbi can be engaged to lead the requirements development effort, which will result in the full set of documentation required to configure and deliver an operational solution in our platform.  Depending on the nature of the requirements, the techniques used could include facilitating workshops of experts, rapid prototyping, modifying existing templates, or working with external experts in complex areas such as clinical trial design.

Once clear and comprehensive solution requirements have been documented, or in parallel with a Rapid Prototyping effort, your solution can be configured within the Datimbi platform.  Over 95% of the typical effort required to realize a solution in the platform is based on configuration, including simple scripting (using javascript) for workflows.  The remaining effort can include custom report development or data migration from existing platforms.

The Datimbi configuration and solution management tools have been designed so that experts at our customers can realize their solutions independently.  Nonetheless, Datimbi is often retained to provide comprehensive implementation services for our customers’ solutions, including ongoing maintenance and support.

While we aim to deliver 95% of your solution using our standard platform features and tools, there may be a need for specialized customization, or for resources to help you design using standard features of the platform.  Our Custom Development services include:
  • Creation of Data Views and Charts using Datimbi Platform tools
  • Development of custom reports to be integrated with your solution, using SAP Crystal Reports (the platform’s standard report writer)
  • Performing data migration (transformation, loading and validation) from existing platforms/data sources to the Datimbi Platform
  • Designing and developing new platform functionality specific to your business needs
Subscribers to the Datimbi Platform have access to our collection of document templates, which comprehensively describe the requirements, configuration, usage, and operating procedures of each solution.  Datimbi can additionally create customized documentation for your projects, studies and/or business processes as required.
If Datimbi is retained to provide solution Configuration services, then basic testing services are included to ensure that the configuration conforms to the specified requirements, and that the system is functioning properly.  However, we cannot be the ones to declare a solution as “accepted”, as that could pose a conflict.

For customers who cannot conduct their own sufficient acceptance testing on a solution, whether configured by Datimbi or internally, Datimbi’s partners can provide independent expert services including:

  • Testing strategy
  • Test case design
  • Test case execution and retest
  • GCP compliance validation strategy, design, and evaluation
Because you are buying a service, Datimbi remains fully responsible for the technical operations and maintenance of the platform.  While the platform is very easy for end users and typically does not require much in the way of support, Datimbi provides these support services as required:

  • Technical Support: Providing technical assistance through our online forum to support the setup and configuration of the platform. This support is included with all subscription options.
  • Level 3: Providing support and maintenance responsibilities for a solution.  Level 3 support is included for customers that retain Datimbi to provide Configuration implementation and maintenance for their solution.
  • Level 2: Providing direct front-line support to your business owners.  In many cases, this is part of Level 3 support.
  • Level 1: Providing direct front-line support to your end users.  Typically this is provided directly by our customers, but Datimbi can offer this service in certain circumstances as an option, for example if Datimbi is mandated to design and maintain the Configuration for the relevant solution.
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Our Partners Make Our Solution Whole

Whether managed through Datimbi Professional Services or contracted directly by our customers, our partner network provides the vertical expertise and independence to deliver complete, world-class solutions.

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