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How can I use the Datimbi Platform?

The Datimbi Platform is offered as a managed service. Our customers select a subscription package that serves their particular needs, as well as additional Professional Services as required.

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How are the subscription packages structured?

Subscription Packages are structured around these usage requirements:

Single Project: This is an inexpensive way for an organization to conduct a study or manage a single business process using an enterprise-class solution.
Unlimited Projects within a Single Client Organization: For organizations that conduct multiple ongoing studies or manage a diverse range of business processes using the […]

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What is the difference between Single and Multi-Organization usage?

Single-Organization Packages

If you use one of the Single-Organization packages, it means that you use the platform for your organization’s internal use only.  You are permitted to define external collaborators who have access to the system as part of your business process or study, but those collaborators may not be paying you to provide the […]

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Are there any limitations on using the Platform?

No.  Other than the Subscription Package you’ve purchased (Single Project; Multiple Projects/Single Organization; or Multiple Projects/Multiple Organizations), there are no additional limits on numbers of users, project size, or amount of data that can be collected.

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Can I license the platform to use on my own servers?

The Datimbi platform is provided as a service, otherwise known as Software as a Service (SaaS).  As such, Datimbi does not distribute its software.

In the event you have a unique scenario that requires the platform to be hosted within your data centers, please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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