Data Extracts and Analysis

What analytics features are integrated in the Datimbi Platform?

The approach to analytics and reporting in the Datimbi Platform is to follow the 80/20 (or in many cases 90/10) rule – most of your monitoring, data analysis, charting, statistics and reporting can be performed directly in the platform.  For more sophisticated processing, we make it easy for you to extract data sets to […]

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How are analytic results secured?

All analysis products – whether simple tabular Data Views through custom reports, are always secured at the user level, based on the assigned user roles on specific Projects.  This means that regardless of how the filter criteria for a data set have been defined, you can be assured that any user viewing an analytic […]

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I need my data for external processing. How do I get it?

Sometimes, the standard reporting and analysis functions in the Datimbi Platform do not meet your more sophisticated requirements.  Or maybe you’ve decided you want to change data management solutions.

The Datimbi Platform offers a function whereby you can take a full project extract snapshot at anytime for download or archiving within the system.  The extract […]

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